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At LinkMedics, we have designed a bespoke secure NHS on-boarding portal for your HR teams to use in Trust. This portal allows you to securely utilise candidate compliance data and integrate it into your staff ESR.

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Our NHS is struggling. The national workforce crisis has left our NHS vulnerable to staffing agencies who have exploited a need to fill our workforce gaps. It’s about time we said no to extortionate introduction fees, hourly premiums and poor compliance. LinkMedics give our NHS family back control, ensuring the right candidates, with right skills are retained locally for the long-term.

Did you know that over 40% of frontline NHS doctors qualify abroad? Overseas trained doctors are a vital asset to the NHS and will continue to play a pivotal role as the NHS resets and recovers from the pandemic. Our conversion course provides the highest quality and accessible training for British overseas trained doctors, whilst reducing the need to employ poorly compliant locum doctors. We focus on training and education, and by working collaboratively with our partner trusts, we provide substantive employment opportunities for overseas doctors starting their careers in the NHS.

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